How to join?

It’s simple. Join our main PGS Discord channel, from here you will be able to choose what channel best suits you and your team, whether it is based on location, time or league admin, then you will be directed to the relevant league you wish to join. Once you have joined, simply download the PGS Esports app (iOS or Android), complete the sign up process and away you go. It really is as simple as that!

+ Worldwide leagues

Although PGS is based in the UK, we are an inclusive global organisation and therefore have a large number of leagues running on a daily basis throughout the world. We have reached all corners of the globe including leagues running as far afield as Asia with Malaysia and Bangladesh leagues and South America with Brazil and Chile. Our aim is to have a league running in all countries and we are always on the lookout for more leagues to be added.

+ Leaderboards

With our all inclusive Leaderboards, you can view and compare yourself against the best players in PGS. You can view our extensive leaderboards on our app once you have signed up and created a profile. Download our app today and join a league to see how you fare against the best of the best!

+ Premium

As a premium member, you will be able have access to the following benefits: NO GK necessary for game days, NO minimum players for game days.

Pro Gaming Society


You can now enter and compete in a multitude of tournaments that are run through the PGS app. Pit your skills against some of the best teams on our platform and win some fantastic prizes with your Pro Clubs teammates. Tournaments are run daily around the globe at different times to accommodate the vast growing PGS population so keep your eyes on the Discord channel for up to date announcements regarding our latest tournaments. 

Coming Soon

PGS will be holding free and premium raffles with a host of top quality prizes to be won, from a PS/Xbox points right through to new consoles and gaming PC accessories. News on these to be announced soon on the PGS socials!

Prog Gaming Society

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Pro Gaming Society

Company News |
Players Vote PGS the No.1 Pro Club Community

PGS prides itself on its strong community focus, so we’re thrilled to have been voted the No.1 Pro Clubs Community platform.

Pro Gaming Society

Industry News |
Women in Esports: The Picture

In 2019, the British Esports Association launched a campaign to promote and encourage female gamers in Esports.

Pro Gaming Society

Industry News |
eSoccer Aid is Back with FIFA 22 Soccer Aid

September, FIFA players will be able to earn themselves a free kit and play with the Soccer Aid World XI team.