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Esports as an industry is continuing its exponential growth, commanding larger and larger audiences both through physical ticket sales and online viewership.

FIFA has long established itself as a staple in the esports calendar, benefitting from substantial investment from parent company EA Sports and extensive integration with the Premier League product. This has led to an extremely healthy competitive scene that garners hundreds of millions of views over the course of a season, with influencers, celebrities, professional athletes, and pro-players contributing to bring in new audiences and solidify brand authority amongst consumers.

All forecasts expect the esports industry to reach billion-dollar status in the next few years, following a bumper 2020 which saw many people looking for alternative entertainment due to COVID.

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+ What should you know about PGS?

Pro-Gaming Society is a multifaceted competitive gaming platform, made by a dedicated team of gaming enthusiasts who spotted space in the market.

With our app, you can enter leagues and tournaments, sign players, connect with teammates, submit stats, watch livestream videos and learn from the best in the game, all on one easily accessible platform.

We’re starting off with FIFA and the various different formats of the game, such as Pro-Clubs and Ultimate Team. PGS already has high-level players using the platform, allowing us to receive feedback from those who know the sector best.

The PGS platform is continually expanding into new countries and bringing new features to keep our active user bases engaged. In the coming months and years we plan to cover a whole host of games, but for now, we’re optimising the FIFA experience as a benchmark for how we want our platform to operate in future.

We’re fostering a community based on shared goals of competitive integrity and constant improvement – with a social focus that brings gamers of all skill-levels closer together.

Pro Gaming Society Sponsorship

+ Sponsorship opportunities to maximise exposure

The PGS community is young, driven and competitive. They are passionate when it comes to gaming and tech and have high expectations when it comes to the brands they purchase. They expect authentic connection from brands they are loyal to and care deeply about their community.

For PGS users, the opportunity to discover a new product or company is always just one tap away. We're able to offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities to get your product or brand noticed by our community. Season and Tournament sponsorship, ad solutions and event showcases are just some of the ways brands are already engaging with the community.

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Pro Gaming Society

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Players Vote PGS the No.1 Pro Club Community

PGS prides itself on its strong community focus, so we’re thrilled to have been voted the No.1 Pro Clubs Community platform.

Pro Gaming Society

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Women in Esports: The Picture

In 2019, the British Esports Association launched a campaign to promote and encourage female gamers in Esports.

Pro Gaming Society

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eSoccer Aid is Back with FIFA 22 Soccer Aid

September, FIFA players will be able to earn themselves a free kit and play with the Soccer Aid World XI team.