Players Vote PGS the No.1 Pro Club Community

Company News

PGS prides itself on its strong community focus, so we’re thrilled to have been voted the No.1 Pro Clubs Community platform. In our August podcast series, Pro Gamer, xDerbyLad, talks to Spacer5 about everything PGS offers its community, and brings to light why PGS is the best. Here’s why:

  • The PGS app is gaining momentum. Having had 25,000 downloads since launch in April 2021, users consistently compliment the user experience, and value it as a platform where they can enter stats from their games and take part in free-to-play leagues with prizes. 
  • When a gamer enters their team into a PGS League, they can play teams from around the world. Generally, there isn’t much of a skill gap between the leagues – any team can beat any team – but there are PGS players who make it into Champions League and World Cup games. 
  • Thanks to the PGS social media presence, streamers who play for a PGS league can find themselves with hundreds of thousands of viewers, rather than their usual number. And with big plans for the future, including affiliating with official club esports teams, PGS’ influence is only going to grow. 

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